Bible study outline No.11
The Tabernacle Proper, (and all its parts) are a type of Christ and His Church.
The Tabernacle is called the Church in the wilderness. Ac.7:38
(A secondary type of the believer).

, speak of Believers.
  Silver Sockets, speak of His Redemption, (the red coin of Calvary ).
  Invisible Bar, is a type of (Christ and) the Holy Spirit.
  Visible Bars
, speak of the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
  Rings, speak of His Unending Love.

We are the believers that rest upon the Blood of Christ. The Holy Spirit within us binds our hearts together. We have the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and we have His Unending Love as we pray for one another that we do not enter into temptation.

The Inner Curtains and Outer Coverings of the Tabernacle Proper.
  Fine Linen, (white, blue, purple and scarlet, speaks of His Righteousness.
  Goat’s hair, (white) speaks of His Service.
  Ram’s skins, (dyed red) speaks of His Devotedness. Badger’s skins, speak of His Holiness.

We are to be a righteousness, serving and devoted people to God in holiness!